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Folk Music

Big Country - The CrossingBig Country - The Crossing  ( 1983 )

Tracks :  01-In a big country, 02-Inwards ,03-Chance , 04 -1000 Stars, 05-The Storm, 06-Harvest Home, 07-Lost Patrol, 08-Close Action, 09-Fields of Fire, 10-Porrohman .

Big Country - The Crossing Digi RemasteredBig Country - The Crossing DIGI.REM.CD ( 1996 )

Tracks :  01-In a Big Country , 02-Inwards, 03-Chance, 04-1000 Stars, 05-The Storm, 06-Harvest Home, 07-Lost Patrol, 08-Close Action, 09-Fields of Fire, 10-Porrohman, 11-Angle Park, 12-All of us, 13-The Crossing, 14-Heart & Soul .

Big Country - SteeltownBig Country - Steeltown ( 1984 )

Tracks : 01-Flame of the West, 02-East of Eden, 03-Steeltown, 04-Where the rose is sown, 05-Come back to me, 06-Tall Ships go, 07-Girl with grey eyes, 08-Rain Dance, 09-The great Divide, 10-Just a Shadow.
Auf der Digi Rem.CD sind noch folgende Tracks:
11-Bass Dance, 12-Belief in small man, 13-Prairie Rose (Roxy Music Cover) , 14-Wonderland 12", 15-Winter Sky

Big Country - The SeerBig Country - The Seer ( 1986 )

Tracks :
01-Look Away, 02-The Seer, 03-The Teacher, 04-I walk the hill, 05-Eiledon, 06-One great thing, 07-Hold the heart, 08-Remembrance Day, 09-Red Fox, 10-Sailor
Auf der Digi Rem.CD sind noch folgende Tracks:
11-Song of the south, 12-Look Away 12", 13-One great thing (Disco Mix) , Giant 

Big Country - Peace in our timeBig Country - Peace in our time ( 1988 ) + Digi.Rem.CD

Tracks : 01-King of emotion, 02-Broken heart, 03-Thousand yard stare, 04-From here to eternity, 05-Everything i need, 06-Peace in our time, 07-Time for leaving, 08-River of hope, 09-In this place, 10-I could be happy here, 11-The Travellers, 12-When the drum beats, 13-Starred and crossed, 14-Longest Day.

Big Country - No place like homeBig Country - No place like home ( 1991 ) + Digi.Rem.CD

Tracks : 01-We´re not in kansas, 02-Republican party reptile, 03-Dynamite Lady, 04-Keep on draming, 05-Beautiful people, 06-The hostage speaks, 07-Beat the devil, 08-Leap of Faith, 09-You and me the truth, 10-Comes a time, 11-Ships, 12-Into the Fire, 13-Heart of the world, 14-Kiss the girl goodbye, 15-Freedom Song

Big Country - Buffalo Skinners ( 1993 )

Tracks : 01-Alone, 02-Seven Waves, 03-What are you working for, 04-The one i love, 05-Long way home, 06-The selling of america, 07-We´re not in kansas, 08-Ships, 09-All go together, 10-Winding wind, 11-Pink marshmellow moon, 12-Chesters Farm.

Big Country - Why the long faceBig Country - Why the long face ( 1995 ) + US Pressung

Tracks : 01-You Dreamer, 02-Message of love, 03-I´m not ashamed, 04-Sail into nothing, 05-Thunder and lightning, 06-Send you, 07-One in a million, 08-God´s great mistake, 09-Wildland in my heart, 10-Take you to the moon, 11-Far from me to you, 12-Charlotte, 13-Post nuclear talking blues, 14-Blue on a green planet , 15-Vicious (US CD) ,16-In a Big Country -unplugged- (US CD).

Big Country - Why the long face

Why the long face erschien einige Zeit später mit einem anderen bzw. neuen Cover, die Tracks sind die selben wie auf dem ursprünglichen Album.

Big Country - Driving to DamascusBig Country - Driving to Damascus ( 1999 ) + SPV Pressung.

Tracks : 01-Driving to Damascus, 02-Dive into me, 03-See You, 04-Perfect World, 05-Somebody else, 06-Fragile thing, 07-The President slipped and fell, 08-Devil in the eye, 09- Trouble the waters, 10-Bella , 11-Your spirit to me, 12-Grace, 13-Loserville (SPV) , 14-This bloods for you (SPV), 15-I get hurt (SPV), 16-John Waynes Dream (SPV).

Big Country - Driving to Damascus Ltd.EdtionBig Country - Driving to Damascus Ltd.Edition Digipack

Tracks : 01-Driving to Damascus, 02-Dive into me, 03-See You, 04-Perfect World, 05-Somebody else, 06-Fragile thing, 07-The President slipped and fell, 08-Devil in the eye, 09- Trouble the waters, 10-Bella , 11-Your spirit to me, 12-Grace, 13-Shattered Cross ( Bonus Track ), 14-Too many ghosts ( Bonus Track ).

Big Country - John Waynes DreamBig Country - John Waynes Dream ( 2002 )

Tracks : 01-Driving to Damascus, 02-Dive into me, 03-See You, 04-Perfect World, 05-Somebody else, 06-Fragile thing, 07-The President slipped and fell, 08-Devil in the eye, 09- Trouble the waters, 10-Bella , 11-Your spirit to me, 12-Grace, 13-I get hurt , 14-This bloods for you , 15-Loserville , 16-John Waynes Dream .
US Version des "Driving to Damascus" Albums, mit teils anderen Versionen der Songs.

Big Country - One in a MillionBig Country - One in a million ( Acoustic Album )

Tracks: 01-One in a million, 02-Long way home, 03-King of Emotions, 04-All go together, 05-Post nuclear talking blues, 06-You dreamer, 07-I´m not ashamed, 08-Peace in our time, 09-Just a shadow, 10-Thirteen Valleys, 11-The Storm, 12-Magic in your eyes, 13-In a Big Country, 14-Daystar ( Prev. unreleased ), 15-I´m on this train ( Prev. unreleased ), 16-Ships, 17-We´re not in kansas.

Big Country - Greatest 12" HitsBig Country - Greates 12" Hits ( Extend Versions )

Tracks: 01-East of Eden (6:31), 02-The Teacher (6:14), 03-Wonderland (7:09), 04-Fields of Fire (5:18), 05-Just a shadow (7:44), 06-Chance (6:13), 07-Where the rose is sown (7:44) , 08-In a big country (6:17), 09-Save me (7:22), 10-One great thing (5:31), 11-Look Away (6:32).

Big Country - Restless Natives & RaritiesBig Country - Restless Natives & Rarities ( 1998 ) DOCD.

CD1: 01-All fall together, 02-Over the border, 03-Made in heaven, 04-No waving but..., 05-On the shore, 06-Balcony, 07-Dead on arrival,08-Pass me by, 09-Promised Land, 10-Return of the...,11-When a drum beats, 12-World on Fire, 13-Winter Sky,14-I´m only waiting, 15-Flag of Nations.
CD2: 01-Kiss the girl goodbye, 02-Song of the south, 03-Blue on a green planet, 04-Normal, 05-God´s great mistake , 06-Restless Natives ( Soundtrack ), 07-The longest Day.

Big Country - Rarities IIBig Country - Rarities II

Tracks: 01-What makes a man, 02-Crazytimes, 03-Eastworld, 04-Celtic Dream, 05-Never take your place, 06-Lone Star, 07-Trouble the waters, 08-Hardly a mountain, 09-I feel fine, 10-Christmas Island, 11-Soul on fire, 12-Secret angel man, 13-Eggplant, 14-The long road, 15-You want me to go.

Big Country - Rarities IIIBig Country - Rarities III

Tracks: 01-Ages of man , 02-Hardly a mountain, 03-What about peace, 04-Time for leaving, 05-You lose your dreams, 06-1000 Yard Stare, 07-Golden boy loves golden girl, 08-I am a small republic, 09-Everything i need, 10-Mary, 11-Send you, 12-In your homeland, 13-Troubled Man, 14-Peace in our time.

Big Country - Rarities IV

Tracks Disc 1 : 01-Heart & Soul, 02 -In a Big Country, 03-Inwards, 04-Chance, 05-A Thousand Stars, 06-The Storm, 07-Harvest Home, 08- Lost Patrol, 09-Close Action ,10-Fields of Fire, 11-Porrohman, 12-Angle Park, 13-The Crossing, 14-Big City, 15-Ring Out Bells, 16-Echoes, 17-Wake ,18-Heart & Soul (Version Two) Disc 2: CD Rom mit einem Videoclip und ein paar Fotos . Alle Tracks auf Disc 1 sind Demo-Versionen.

Big Country - Rarities V

Tracks :
01-Were not in Kansas, 02-Kiss the girl, 03-Leap of faith, 04-Republican Party Reptile, 05-Ships, 06-The Hostage speaks, 07-You, and me the truth, 08-Dynamite Lady, 09-Beautiful People, 10-Return of the two headed king, 11-Save me, 12-Beat the devil, 13-Heart of the world.
Rari.V ist quasi das "No place like home" Album in seiner Ursprungsversion ... sehr hörenswert !!!.   

Big Country - Rarities VI

Tracks: 01-1000 Stars , 02-Harvest Home, 03-Harvest Home, 04-Message of love, 05-I´m not ashamed, 06-Sail into nothing, 07-Wolfman and the clown ,08-Thunder and lighting, 09-God´s great mistake, 10-Wildland in my heart,11-Take you to the moon, 12-Makes a man, 13-Post nuclear talking blues, 14-Crazy times, 15-One great thing, 16-Charlotte .

Alle Songs sind unterschiedlich als das "Original".


Big Country - Under CoverBig Country - Under Cover ( Cover Songs )

Tracks: 01-I´m Eighteen, 02-Teenage Lament, 03-Vicious, 04-Down on the corner, 05-Hey Hey My My, 06-On the road again, 07-Don´t fear the reaper, 08-Paranoid, 09-Cracked actor, 10-Oh well, 11-Woodstock, 12-Tracks of my tears, 13-Prairie Rose, 14-Black skinned blue eyed Boy, 15-Honky tonk woman (live-mono), 16-Killiekrankie (mono).

Big Country - Nashville SessionsBig Country - Nashville Sessions

Tracks: 01-Driving to Damascus , 02-Perfect World, 03-Fragile thing, 04-Dive into me, 05-Chance, 06-Look away.

Big Country - In the scudBig Country - In the Scud

Tracks: 01-Dive into me, 02-This bloods for you, 03-Medicine show, 04-Cimarron, 05-Without Wings.

BC EP die exclusiv über BC-Web-Site vertrieben wurde.

Big Country - Bon AppetitBig Country - Bon Appetit

Tracks: 01-Birmingham, 02-Living by memory, 03-Don´t you stay, 04-Sun an my shadow.

BC EP die exclusiv über die BC-Web-Site vertrieben wurde.

Big Country - www.bigcountry.co.ukBig Country - www.bigcountry.co.uk

Tracks: 01-Dive into me, 02-Birmingham, 03-This blood´s for you, 04-Living by memory, 05-Medicine Show, 06-Don´t you stay, 07-Cimarron, 08-Sun and my shadow, 09-Without wings, 10-Dragging my name, 11-What are you working for, 12-Chester´s Farm.

Big Country - No place like home & Peace in our time

Beide Alben mit den Digtally Remasterd Version Bonus Tracks & je mit einem CD Rom Track als Doppel CD .

Das war's erst einmal mit den Studio-Alben...